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In the modern world of online train tickets or, on the other called, electronic tickets, already are not new and there is a possibility to purchase them on the network by request of railway tickets in Ukraine. Everyone must have heard about e-buying a ticket for the train. Think about it, and what do you know about this area of services? Let's examine this question more thoroughly.

What is online train tickets? First of all, this document is in electronic form, which gives the right to use rail transport within a certain framework.

The rhythm of modern life, many people simply cannot afford to spend large amounts of time in a queue to the railway hand, with the purpose of purchase of the ticket. If you take advantage of the opportunity to buy tickets via the Internet, online, then you will have the possibility to avoid problems such as save time and money.

The opportunity to buy tickets online are one of the most modern types of reservation and purchase of travel documents to not only trains but also the opportunity to buy airline tickets, and tickets for the bus, which was made possible by the Internet.

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Let us consider the main advantages of online order railway tickets:

1 Now do not have to worry about lost or accidentally left behind somewhere ticket, moreover you will be sent to the SMS number of the ticket, on the telephone, which you indicated;
2 Are online train tickets in the network of almost the same amount as usual at the ticket booth;
3 You forget what it means to stand in line for kilometers and at a loss to pick up a new suitable route, in case of cancellation of your. Now you have the opportunity to independently explore the timetable of the movement of the trains, make a choice of the class, rooms of the car and place in the train;
4 The only thing you have to do is be able to access the Internet network and a couple extra minutes to buy online train tickets via the Internet, and a little more time on their exchange in cash;
5 If the route you are interested in, there are very few places, with such capabilities, you absolutely do not need to worry about the fact that you do not have enough time to get to the nearest office and all the places are to be purchased;
6 Another huge plus can be considered that the online train tickets is very convenient to pay for. It is only necessary to carry out input of the data on your credit card or electronic purse WebMoney and after a certain verification and registration, you will be given the opportunity to receive your e-mail order.

After you have selected and paid the fare, you will be given a place of a certain class and appropriate services, which established the carrier.
Pay special attention to the fact, that must be ordered online railway tickets online on the selected routes not earlier than 45 days and not later than 2 hours prior to train departure.

E-ticket payment to a large extent simplifies the procedure of purchase of tickets онллайн. You just enough to specify the point of departure and the final point of destination, as well as the select for you the date, after this, select one of the possibilities, to fill a simple form and, in fact carry out the payment. Then it displays the text of the detailed instructions on the acquisition of the ticket. Classical procedure involves several steps:

The first step is to select the desired route.
Select on the main page of the tab: «railway tickets». In the window of the calendar enter the required date. In the composition of the extra features include the ability to select the desired period of time of departure. In the window «from» enter the name of the original station, which will be accomplished by the administration, in the box «where» - the station of arrival. Press the button «search of trains» and wait until the system will carry out the selection of the options available at your request, обачно a couple of seconds.

The second step of booking.
After providing the system options for travel on the following page for a reservation, you need to make фильтровку of the options proposed by the following parameters: times of departure or arrival, time of stay in the path, or change the currency to display the value of your ticket. After this you need to choose the route that is suitable for your requirements. Each of the presented types of cars of the train corresponds to a cost to travel in it, and also, what is left is the number of seats available. By clicking on the column indicating the type of car, will be able to choose a specific place or a range of places. Required quantity (maximum of 4) and type (adult or child) of the ticket is specified in the left column, as is shown here's the final cost of the order. Next, you must enter the personal data of the buyer: name, your e-mail and phone number.
After authorization on the site need to log in to section «my ticket» and specify the password sent to you by e-mail.

The third step - payment.
Read and understand the text of the agreement «about the conditions of the creation and cancellation», check if you accept these conditions .
Online train tickets to a network of Ukraine can have the following methods of payment:

With the help of a plastic card Visa or MasterCard
With the use of electronic money WebMoney
Privat 24

By choosing the most convenient method, make a payment of the ticket.

The fourth step is to obtain a ticket.
After authorization you will be available itinerary receipt with the number of the electronic ticket, and this number you will receive by sms.
Printed order form submit in any railway booking-cashier. Based on the order number, the cashier will print you travel documents and the receipt indicating the status of documents of the order.

Remember that, in the first instance, the responsibility for timely receipt of the ticket falls on a passenger!

Let us consider the conditions, when the online train tickets can be returned.

The amount to be refunded for the ticket depends on the timing of the grievance and shall be governed in accordance with the legislation. According to the order of the Ministry of transport and communications, the cost of the ticket may be returned:

if the return is earlier than 24 hours before the train, then make a full payment of the cost of the ticket and reserved seat;
if the refusal from the trip takes place not later than 6 hours before the train, you will pay the full cost of the ticket, or 50% of the cost of reserved seat;
if the ticket was handed over in less than 6 hours, but not later than 3 hours after train departure, shall be paid the full cost of the ticket, and of reserved-seats ticket is non-refundable.

The money for the sold online railway tickets Ukraine will not be returned, if there are any corrections or additional inscriptions, made by you or is not competent in this respect persons, as such travel documents are not considered valid.

It should be noted that, despite this, the passenger in all cases of return tickets pays for the services rendered to him.

On the online train tickets imposed a specific validity period. Railway travel documents are valid throughout all the period following, indicated in the ticket.
Periods of validity of the ticket may be extended in the following cases:

if you have not received indicated in the ticket place;
if through the fault of the railway you do not have time to train in transit point;
if you missed the train, but reported not later than 3 hours after departure;
if the reason you were not on the train, has become a disease or an accident, then you will need to present their ticket along with a medical certificate not later than 10 days after recovery.

The possibility to buy the railway tickets through the Internet has made a significant contribution in the process of unloading railway stations. Now more and more people are turning to this specific resource, as it is impossible to overestimate all its values.



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